The FAT cat sat on the mat

2 mins read

The husband, Alistair, and I have had Boo for five years. A new neighbour took her in when her original family emigrated. He travelled a lot and soon she came over to our flat more and more, crying to be let inside. She really just chose us. Our neighbour didn’t mind. Besides, you can’t change a cat’s mind.

The husband didn’t grow up in an animal-mad family like I did, but he absolutely adores Boo. She’s an indoor cat who’s very relaxed and affectionate, which also means lazy and fond of food.


Southern Comfort on a Monday

1 min read

At the top of my list is New York, The Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Yellowstone and New Orleans. The last one I had to fight for. Alistair said it’s “smelly”. He said the same thing about Venice. I don’t really care – it’s the birthplace of jazz and that’s enough for me.