Nafisa sent me the adorable Qwerty, possibly the coolest little geek kitten ever.

Name(s): Qwerty, qt, Banzuke (as my husband calls her)

Species / breed / description: Cat, Domestic shorthaired cat (DSH), full black.

Odd behaviour: Eating popcorn & sweetcorn, watching me take a bath.

Signs of intelligence: Plonking herself on my chest (while I’m asleep) on the weekends after 9am if not fed, which forces me to wake-up.

Mental block: Waits for me to open the glass door from the patio when the window right next to it is open. I eventually point to it and she comes through.

Toy or object of choice: cables and cellphone chargers. She loves those!

Favourite pastimes: sleeping, playing with my toes, “kitty wrestling” with my husband’s hand.

Other: Qwerty is in the running for Ms April on the Whiskas website –

I can has macbook?

Mini Bio: I had no intention of getting a cat, I got her by chance. I was with a friend in Sandton City in Jan this year when we decided to pop into the pet store. I saw Qwerty, asleep with her siblings and fell in love. She was full black, which is what caught my eye. I decided I had to have her. So I did 🙂

5 thoughts on “Pet Project Thursday – Qwerty

  1. Cute!! Reminds me of my cat – Jet. I kind of ended up with him because friends had a cat move in on them and have kittens. He’s also pure black and the most adorable creature ever.

  2. I think this is my cats long lost sister, he also loved popcorn, i have to nibble off the kernel bit and he knows the word popcorn and the sound of the microwave going… he is also a peas addict and especially enjoys them served on a little plate along with me while i eat supper, of course he is on the floor. And to top it all he has tried to eletrocute himself numerous times while gnawing on the phone charger. He plays kitty wrestling with me, but i must have a long sleeve on or else if i say ow, he stops, licks my bare skin and refuses to play until we are padded. 🙂 he had a sister who was all black just like Qwerty but she was run over by a maniac when they were only 6 months old… so nice to know another crazy little girl is out there

  3. Whu oh! Looks like Whiskas hasn’t paid for their hosting fees and now all we can see is a big fat “This website has been suspended”.

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