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Mannequins in a glass box?

I’ve spotted this glass box on my way to work every morning this week. It’s on William Nicol going north, just before the Pick ‘n Pay. I thought I was losing my mind. There were three people inside it this morning, but when I went to take photos later in the day there was just this one lonely mannequin.

So were there two real people this morning or are they all mannequins?¬†Who is doing this and why? I’ve heard a rumour it’s a Cadbury stunt, but can’t quite figure out the Chinese temple vibe. Then again, when does Cadbury’s wonderfully insane advertising ever make sense?

Kegel Resort

Who develops a multi-million dollar resort without typing the name into Google first? Apparently these guys do. It’s named after the 19th-century Hungarian castle on the grounds, which makes sense if you’re Hungarian, but not if you’re targetting international investors. Unless they’re very wealthy women who need to exercise their Kegels.

Seriously, name generation matters people.

A History Forgotten Is A Future Lost

These new ads for the Apartheid Museum are clever. They obviously didn’t cost a fortune and clearly demonstrate the rather worrying fact that many young people don’t know our history.

I love advertising like this – it doesn’t just sell, it starts a conversation. Well done TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris.

5 Highly Annoying Phrases

Certain phrases irritate the shit out of me. Here are 5 of them for now; I’m sure many more will follow. Tell me yours.

  1. Makes your eyes pop – I once heard a woman (girl) say, “That mascara really makes my eyes pop!” Cringe. Unless you are a beauty consultant, a model or the PR manager for said mascara, this is to be avoided like the make-up sale bin at Clicks.
  2. On trend – “Trendy” was popular once. Then it was used to describe everything from hairbands to toothpaste – “for trendy white teeth!” So someone invented “on trend”. Technically it should be “on-trend” because it’s a compound adjective but nobody seems to do this.
  3. You won’t be disappointed – This always sounds smug and hackneyed to me, like a diet pill infomercial. I want to reply, “Really? Are you sure? Can you guarantee that?” It’s incredible how many people say it with a completely sincere face too. I want to pat them on the head.
  4. I must say… – I do this sometimes. I’m in therapy to try and stop it. It is the most superfluous preamble to a sentence and even politicians have started using it. Not a good sign.
  5. Takes the cake – This one really… well, you know the rest. A cliche that’s not just untrue, it doesn’t even make sense (and I love cake). It’s bad enough when someone says this aloud, but when it’s used in writing I have an anaphylactic reaction.