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I miss her

Last night I said goodbye to Boo. My familiar, my fat cat, my little beast with rabbit paws. She magically arrived on my balcony 10 years ago, whined until I let her in, and then never left. She chose me, and I’ve adored her and protected her for a huge part of my life. No matter what awful things happened to me or how sad I was, I could nuzzle my face into her fur and she would purr to make me feel better. Last night I tried to do the same for her as the vet inserted a needle into her thin paw, still shaved from the drip she’d been on for days, her failed kidneys having done all they could.

Boo was the most uncat-like cat you’ve ever met. Sweet, loving, a true character, running to the door and mewling when I got home as if to say, “Where have you been?” She had many aunties who happily Boo-sat when I was away and adopted her as their own. People who didn’t even like animals met her and fell a bit in love with her. She could fix you with an impervious look to let you know she didn’t need your attention, but then she’d stretch out one white-socked paw as if to say, “Okay, we can be friends. Come pat me now.”

She loved her food, cuddles, drinking from the tap, lying inside cardboard boxes and on human chests. She was not adventurous, preferring to lie in a sunny spot and whine at the birds who rested on her windowsill. Her black and white fur was thick and soft, her whiskers improbably long.

I’d never had a cat before Boo. I’d loved dogs, family dogs. But I’d never had a creature who was simply part of my soul. Now I feel like I’ve lost a little piece of myself. I keep looking for her and almost finding her. I see movement out of the corner of my eye. I feel something warm by my feet while lying in bed. I hear a crunching noise of food being eaten from a bowl. I listen for a cardboard box rustle and an enquiring mewl. I reach out for her, to stroke that incredibly soft fur and feel comforted, to know that everything will be okay.

My heart is broken into a million pieces. And the only one who can make me feel better is her. I dream of her and I still can’t believe she’s not in the other room, curled up on the sofa with one little paw tucked under her. My angel Boo is gone and I miss her.

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” – Ernest Hemingway

Dear Nedbank

I remember the early days of our relationship. It was a happy time. But over the years you slowly started to neglect me. You didn’t understand or listen to me. You would offer me credit cards and insurance, but never a better account or advice. I became sad and resentful. When FNB offered me a platinum account and to take care of everything if I moved to them, I jumped at the chance.

Then you called to tell me I was receiving a new garage card because mine had expired. I politely declined and explained I was leaving you. Your response was that I’d still be charged for the garage card unless I went into a branch to cancel it. I pleaded and you finally agreed that you wouldn’t send me the card. I then decided to end things properly, clearing all my funds, and asking you to close my account. Here is what happened up until this morning:



Despite all of this, 20 minutes ago I received a phonecall from you. Like a crazy ex-lover you were offering me things I’ve told you many time I do not want. You were calling me even though I told you two days ago to leave me alone. I think you need professional help Nedbank. I really hope you get it. But to me, now you’re just some bank that I used to know.



Angry Birds Africa

Much to my surprise (I hate computer games), I’ve become an Angry Birds fan. I don’t know what it is, but shooting little birds at little piggies reduces my stress levels considerably. I’ve nearly clocked the Rio version now and am rather worried about what I’ll do next.

So I’d like to suggest to Rovio that they create an “Angry Birds Africa” with a few modifications and additions:

Instead of pigs there will be warthogs.


Ostrich Obliterator - This angry bird will run very fast, then leap and crash down when you touch it.

Hadeda Heckler - The legendary Ibis will emit a sonic boom when touched, stunning all warthogs within range.

Xmas day must-haves

For me, the 25th of December is simply not complete without certain things:

1. Champagne & orange juice – for breakfast of course


2. Snoek pate or trout terrine with melba toast – always reminds me of my gran

3. Quality Street – the green triangle is my favourite favourite


4. Lamb, lamb and more lamb – with lots of garlic


5. Mince pies – the English are weird, but I love these







6. Crackers – oh look, a sewing kit!