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The ABCs of my URLs

Thanks David Alves and Nic Haralambous for this idea. Below is a list of the URLs that come up when I type each letter of the alphabet into my Chrome address bar. Interesting to see the sites that Chrome automatically suggests for each letter.

I obviously have a shopping problem, like my liquor, and work in advertising.

A – Books, books, books.

B – Mandatory reading for local industry news.

C – Thinking about my next car and being horrified at prices.

D – (Vital work tool.)

E – Because I’m always thinking of the next adventure.

F – Comes with the job.

G – My guilty pleasure.

H – Wishing Honda made a smaller CR-V.

I – My favourite gin, locally-made and beautiful. Try it.

J – Not sucking up. My boss just has a rather intelligent blog.

K – NEVER fly kulula, but have to book BA flights through the site to get a Discovery discount.

L – Comes with the job.

M – One of my favourite campaigns for one of my favourite clients.

N – We have a good-looking site that’s regularly updated.

O – Nothing suggested. Still searching for the big O then.

P – Still brilliant and fascinating.

Q – Checking out the competition.

R – Leather bags, locally made. My weakness.

S – I preferred the name “Citymob”, but their delivery times have improved amazingly.

T – Comes with the job. And I enjoy it.

U – Feel-good stuff and social issues.

V – There was a house I really, really liked.

W – Feed me Woolies.

X – Nothing here. No porn sites for me.

Y – NATIVE VML’s internal social network lives on Yammer.

Z – Shoes? Did somebody say shoes?

Angry Birds Africa

Much to my surprise (I hate computer games), I’ve become an Angry Birds fan. I don’t know what it is, but shooting little birds at little piggies reduces my stress levels considerably. I’ve nearly clocked the Rio version now and am rather worried about what I’ll do next.

So I’d like to suggest to Rovio that they create an “Angry Birds Africa” with a few modifications and additions:

Instead of pigs there will be warthogs.


Ostrich Obliterator - This angry bird will run very fast, then leap and crash down when you touch it.

Hadeda Heckler - The legendary Ibis will emit a sonic boom when touched, stunning all warthogs within range.

Gmail security issue reveals I share my name with a female bodybuilder

This is kind of worrying. My email address is, but I’ve received an email for (no dot). And this is the second time it’s happened.

On the other hand, it’s interesting to know that I share my name with an attractive female bodybuilder.