Man make fire, woman drink.Man make fire, woman drink.
  1. How to knot a tie.
  2. How to feign indifference.
  3. HTML.
  4. When to keep my mouth shut.
  5. Exactly how the carbon cycle works.
  6. Why people are cruel for no apparent reason.
  7. How to control my temper.
  8. Why absurdist humour makes me laugh so much.
  9. More patience.
  10. How to make a fire.
  11. How to change a tyre.
  12. Why everyone likes Idols so much.
  13. Why people like reality TV. If anything, the world needs less reality!
  14. How a balance sheet works.
  15. How to get rid of mosquitoes without turning on the light.
  16. Why I turn into an excited 6-year-old every time I see a puppy.
  17. How my parents managed to do it all.
  18. Who stole my tog bag in Std. 3.
  19. Why people have personalised licence plates.
  20. What Mullholland Drive was about.
  21. Why I love David Lynch films.
  22. Who at Rhodes allocated my future husband as my tutor.
  23. Why my lucky number is 8.
  24. Where my obsession with glass jars and bottles comes from.
  25. Why most women have body issues.
  26. Not to argue with my father (or as he calls it, “have a debate”).
  27. What I was in a past life. Really hope it was a pterodactyl.
  28. What I want to be when I grow up.
    Taking pride in your work.Taking pride in your work shouldn’t extend this far.

    2 thoughts on “… And 28 Things I Haven’t Learnt

    1. Love the list, great stuff and have to say the 1981 vintage has to be the best ! (that statement has nothing to do me being born in 81, promise)
      Also totally agree with you on your number 28 on the list, its all about the journey (or if you believe Miley Cyrus ” its the Climb” )

      Have a great one and best wishes to you and your fab lover from another mother, still need to grab you guys for drinks sometime !

    2. Thanks Chris. Ah, Miley, so much more poetic than her achy-breaky dad. Had a great time last night, my lover too 🙂 Let’s have that drink this week. I’ll DM you.

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