I spent a lot of time in my natural state this holiday – on the beach or in the sea. Fears, worries and the awfulness that was 2009 just dissipated as I paddled out into the green-blue water of Buffelsbaai.

amongst the waves

My friend and I were sitting peacefullly on our boards, waiting for a decent set, when he said, “Everything else just goes away… it all feels so simple when you’re out here.” Yep, as long as you don’t eat your board wax (the Aussies seem very concerned about this).

Buffels is such an under-rated beach holiday spot, can’t really call it a town. There’s that one all-purpose store on the beachfront, stocking everything from fishing gear to pots to sherbet straws to tortoises made from seashells.

tortoise shell

Next door there’s a bar / restaurant serving slap chips and fried fish with loads of vinegar and salt. This is the best meal in the world when you’ve been in the water a while. One kid wore a cap, shorts and a T-shirt with the words “Blue Bull’s” printed on them. Yeah, we couldn’t figure out the apostrophe either. Maybe he belongs to them somehow, possibly a mascot.

And then the restaurant had this at its entrance. Very reassuring.


I also got a few pictures of the famous concrete horses of Sedgefield veterinary hospital. On holidays up the coast, my brother and I would always eagerly await their appearance. They’ve changed colours over the years but are etched in my childhood memories.


So now, when 2010 gets too much and the Cape winter eventually sets in, I’ll think back to halcyon summer moments, salty fingers, warm sea, mosaic horses, and how f-ing amazing my tan was.


*All pictures by Chris Roper. Yeah, he’s good at that too. Bastard.

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  1. And don’t forget that little tunnel you need to go through to reach Buffelsbaai after N2 turn-off – that was also the most fun part of the trip back when we were kids! 🙂

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