Overheard at Rocking the Daisies

The first Daisies was in September 2006 on a cold, windswept field outside Darling. There were less than 4000 people, but the music was fantastic and the sun came out on Sunday as Goldfish played.

The next year Daisies moved to the much prettier venue of Cloof Wine Estate. It was warmer and full of glorious mud that we stomped and danced in. And that’s what a rock festival should be about – getting a little dirty while listening to great music.

Let it rock

There are also snippets of conversation (frequently drunken conversation) that stick in the mind long after the hangover has worn off, which are usually heard through a tent at midnight, while sitting on a hay bale, or as one stumbles across a field . These are a few of my personal favourites.

2am, Friday night, RTD 2007

Guy: “Come on Kerry, come back to my tent.”

Girl: “Hee hee, I don’t think so.”

Guy: “Come on, you can’t leave me hard like this.”

Girl: “Hee hee.”

Guy: “Hey, what are these things?”

Girl: “Corn cob holders.”

Guy: “Cool. I really like them, your corn cob holders.”

11:45pm, Saturday night, RTD 2008

Two girls climb out of the drainage ditch they fell into:

Girl 1: “Ag nee, daar’s modder tussen my boude!”

Crazy daisy, give me a port-a-loo

5am, Sunday morning, RTD 2009

Guy 1: Hey! Who the hell are you?

Guy 2: What the fuck dude? I’m sleeping, leave me alone.

Guy 1: But this is my tent!

10am, Sunday morning, RTD 2010

Guy 1: Geez bru, I’m sore.

Guy 2: Sorry bru.

Girl: Hey guys, let’s go get some breakfast.

Guy 1: Wait, I need you to rub my bum.

Girl: Huh?

Guy 2: No seriously, he’s hurt. He needs a bum massage.

Loud mouth


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    Girl: Oh, crap, was that a ditch my car went into … I’m not even here for 5 minutes…


  • amanda
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    Very funny Simon :)

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