•    Writing a short story, even though it was for a client.

•    Seeing the new Hospital Bend freeway take shape.

•    Seeing Cape Town Stadium all the way from De Waal Drive.

•    A smiling old lady with a floral umbrella and matching raincoat.

•    My mother chatting to me on facebook (she couldn’t even turn on a computer a year ago).

•    The Aussie army dog found in Afghanistan after being MIA for 14 months.

•    Planning our 3-month trip to America in 2010.

•    My crystal necklace sparkling reflections on the dashboard.

•    Waking up with the Boo cat at my feet.

•    Goldfish, live.

•    Sticky mango chicken.

•    The opera singer who performs in our street.

•    Hugs from Annabel.

•    Red wine with Kate.

•    The sound of my husband making coffee in the morning.

•    ‘Prominent Author’ by Philip K. Dick

•    Finding out it’s going to be warm in Joburg this weekend.

•    Being told “I love you. X.” when most needed.

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