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A History Forgotten Is A Future Lost

These new ads for the Apartheid Museum are clever. They obviously didn’t cost a fortune and clearly demonstrate the rather worrying fact that many young people don’t know our history.

I love advertising like this – it doesn’t just sell, it starts a conversation. Well done TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris.

The Bank & I

Everyone loves a bit of bank bashing, but I haven’t been able to fault Nedbank too often. Their advertising is by far the best when it comes to the “Big Four”. Their call centre staff are patient and polite. Their fees aren’t as bad as the rest (at least on my option).

But then there’s their online banking. Sadly, it’s basic, clunky and cumbersome.

Alistair Fairweather is busy researching which of the Big Four banks have the most user-friendly online banking (article coming to news24.com soon) and Nedbank isn’t shaping up too well.

My own experience confirms this. When I log in it tells me I have a Transactor Plus account, but I actually have a cheque account. I cannot create or change stop orders. And now it no longer works in Firefox (since Firefox was upgraded).

I had called and reported all this, but nothing had changed. Then I saw the HeadStart promotion on TV, squarely aimed at my age and demographic. I thought, “Great, Nedbank are starting to speak to customers under 35. I’m sure they’ll jack up their online presence soon.”

This didn’t happen and their facebook page is rather forlorn, as you can (very) plainly see.

They’re not using it at all. They haven’t even promised, “Something coming soon!” They’ve just admitted that they registered the Page to protect their brand (fair enough, but you don’t tell the public that).

Then I searched for Nedbank on twitter and… nothing. I couldn’t believe it. Standard Bank is there, but the username Nedbank was a suspended account.

Rather annoyed by all this, I registered @NedbankSA and hoped that one day Nedbank would see my little protest.

The next day I got a call from Nedbank. A very helpful and kind technical guy explained everything I already knew and promised they are working on improving their online banking, as well as “getting on the twitter site”.

This is when I started to feel sorry for Nedbank. They are probably as confused and bewildered about social media and this interweb thing as many other big traditional companies. They have obviously spent millions on media placement for their latest TV ads, but their online persona is non-existent.

After I explained all this, the tech guy said their marketing department would contact me soon. I’m really looking forward to it. I want to help them Make Things Happen.

Ode to an Art Director

There are times when you just want to run down the corridor, banging your head on Chinese lampshades, screaming at the sheer frustration of Advertising. Then there are times you create something special that took grit, sweat and tears, and you just want dance, sing and shout “glory glory hallelujah!” from the rooftops.

But that was yesterday.

Today, as the sun shines and finishing touches are put on Loeries entries, I’m filled with a warm and fuzzy feeling for all the lovely creatures creatives I work with. I feel particular affection for Werner.

Werner is the kind of Art Director every highly strung Group Head Copywriter needs. He is patient, he is kind, and he is overwhelmingly optimistic in the face of stupid questions and tiny budgets. He thinks in the abstract first, the realities later, and has an immaculate sense of the aesthetic. He also shares my passion for great coffee and Felix Laband. Thanks dude, you rock.

Silly posing is important for office morale.

Silly posing is important for office morale.