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Bloggers For a Free Press

I’m saddened by what I see happening to the ANC – a disciplined organisation with a proud legacy having its principles subverted for greed and power.

I was privileged enough to interview Dorothy Molefi (Hector Pieterson’s mother) a few years ago and it makes me angry to see the spoilt brats and bullies of the ANCYL acting like they know what suffering is about. The youth of 1976 gave up their education to fight for freedom. It seems the ANCYL gave up theirs for tenders.

And now they are threatening the Fourth Estate, the very structure that tried to let the world know what was happening in South Africa. Luckily, in the age of information and the internet, this is not as easy as blacking out newsprint.

Sipho Hlongwane is calling on bloggers to protest the ANC Youth League’s attacks on press freedom. An editorial will be released tomorrow on numerous South African blogs, including this one. If you’re a blogger who would like to be a part of this, email sipho.hlongwane@gmail.com or contact him on Twitter. The hashtag is #SpeakZA.