Pet Project Thursday – Boo

3 mins read

Like most white girls from the suburbs, I love animals. I even volunteered at the SPCA for a year. I grew up with a golden retriever named Prince – The Dog That Ate Vaseline Intensive Care Cream – who brought hours of joy and laughter to my family.

And now the husband and I have Boo, a black cat with white socks and velveteen fur. We didn’t choose her, she just moved in one day and never left.

She has a million different names bestowed upon her, mostly by Alistair – Fatness, Konvunt, Ikran (yes, after the creature in Avatar), Boo Velvet, etc. I have tried to put her on a bit of a diet, but Alistair flouts this all the time. She kept getting very ill until we put her on Hill’s Science Prescription food. She likes to drink out of the water glass beside my bed. She is possibly the most adored animal in the country. Well, one of them.

And that brings me to my new blog feature for people who love their pets so much that they have ridiculous names for them and think their quirky behaviour is a sign of profound intelligence – Pet Project Thursday.