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Things that made me smile this week

  • Sharing a bottle of wine with a friend while watching the sun set over the Atlantic.
  • My mom’s crush on Paraguay striker Roque Santa Cruz.
  • Dad complaining that my mother now watches more soccer than he does.
  • Winning two chess games.
  • ExMi promising me a liquid (tequila) lunch when I arrive in Joburg.
  • The mind-melting combination of Advil CS, Benylin and Corenza-C.
  • The workers renovating our block whistling “Wave Your Flag”.
  • The very funny and kind people at Traffic, especially designer Nicky who talks to her tea.
  • Woolworths chocolate-dipped oat bites.

Things that made me smile this month

  • Wandering around the rest of the museum and feeling just like a kid again.
  • Two-for-one cocktails with Kate at Neighbourhood, discussing life, love, in-laws and the vagaries of advertising.
  • A phonecall from MSF to thank me for my donation and keep me informed of their work in Haiti.
  • Funny holiday photos I hadn’t seen yet.
  • Saying sorry for something I should have apologised about ages ago.
  • Teaching a beautiful redhead toddler how to get all the foam out of her babycchino cup.
  • The same little girl asking for bits of my omelette breakfast, the sweet cherry tomatoes in particular (she obviously has good taste).
  • Talks with the ‘Byn, a brilliant woman who I admire and respect more than any other.
  • Fruit & Flowers, Thrupps, fresh fish, braai, swimming and meeting many incredible people in Joburg.
  • Futurama dolls. Unfortunately they belong to Chris and I couldn’t distract him long enough to steal Bender.
  • Back rubs, hugs and kisses. X.
  • My husband stroking my forehead when I was ill.
  • A great annual review with my Creative Director.
  • Finding out that my colleagues are a bit scared of me and think I’m good at what I do.
  • Sea of Love by Cat Power (and the rest of the Juno soundtrack).
  • My mother’s face when she opened her birthday gift.


Some people are really good at making birthday and Xmas wishlists. I suck at it, simply because I’m pretty happy with my lot. I know it’s cheesy, but the experience of spending time with friends and family really is better than gifts.

However, there are a few possessions I would rescue from a Cape Town fire. They’re reminders of life experiences, special days and people I love.

  • My jewellery. I house it all in an art supplies box. None of it is really valuable, but certain pieces are talismans of memory. The flower necklace my friend Leanne gave me. The Geraldine Fenn lion pendant my husband gave me for our first anniversary. The Fossil watch my parents gave me on my 21st birthday.
  • My degree. A BA in Politics and Journalism from Rhodes, it reminds me that I once perfectly understood Marx’s theory of historical materialism.
  • My surfboard. My friend Chris gave me my mini-mal and it’s the board I learnt to surf with. It really is the ideal board for a 5ft 6in woman who lacks co-ordination. Every time I look at it, I think of early morning coffee, chats, and laughter as I wiped out (again).
  • My MacBook. Okay, so it’s a very material possession, but the reason I treasure it is because I saved for two years to buy it – cash. I did not charge it to the credit card or deduct it as a business expense. It’s wholly mine and I adore the aesthetic functionality of it.
  • My wedding album. I’m an incurable romantic and it honestly was the best day of my life. It’s probably also the best I’ll ever look.
  • My shells and pebbles. It drives my husband crazy but I always collect them when I’m on the beach. My pockets bulge. Eventually I have to choose just one to take home. I have many smooth pebbles from West Coast weekends, a few perfectly formed conical shells from Wilderness, and a pitch-black stone from Ag. Ioannis beach on Ithaca.
  • My favourite recipe book. Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros. My friend Robyn and a few other smart, beautiful, wonderful women gave me this before my wedding. Everything I’ve ever made from it has turned out perfectly.
  • My moleskin. Every poem, story, thought and idea starts here.
  • My copy of Dune. One of my favourite books of all time, my friend Kelly gave this to me when we studied together. She truly believes she can change the world. I’ve never met anyone like her.
  • My iPod. Because life needs a soundtrack.

That four-letter word

One of my best friends is moving away tomorrow. Feeling sad and soppy. Make fun of me while you can.

  • Love is simple. It’s the circumstances surrounding it that can be tricky.
  • Love is not an absolute, it is shared.
  • Love holds you when you cry.
  • Love is not a test or game. Those sideshows fade when you’re really loved.
  • Love is your chest squeezing tight.
  • There are different kinds of love. You don’t have to pick just one.
  • Love always makes sense, even when nothing else does.
  • Love is doing something for someone else because you really want to, not because they asked.
  • Love is not possession or control, it is protection.
  • If you love someone enough, you can forgive almost anything.
  • Love should be spoken, but not frequently. It’s too precious for that.
  • Love cannot make you crazy. It can, however, make you sane.
  • You know love when you feel it.
  • Love is not the first fever, it is the one hundredth tear.
  • Love is not jewellery or romantic messages. It is talismans and secret languages.
  • Love is years, memories, a millions words late at night.
  • Love, real love, is always worth it.