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I am not a priority

I am not a priority

I am fantasy
a sidenote
a preconception
I am not important enough

I am fun
a confidante
an ally
I am whatever, whenever

I am fondness
I am impressionable
on the sofa
I am not real

I am sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll
a hotel room by the hour
I am manageable
I am an …

I am not candlelight
or declarations
I am a curiosity
not pursued
I am found wanting

I am not a priority
But I’m better than this

A few guidelines

  • Love is an investment – what you get out depends on what you put in.
  • Don’t be a cynic – don’t masquerade as a romantic either.
  • Be kind – don’t be too selfish, try to focus on the good stuff.
  • Remember that everyone else has felt like this – if they’re lucky.
  • Know when to move on – you can still love someone without being with them.
  • Love is what you make it – so go ahead.

… And 28 Things I Haven’t Learnt

Man make fire, woman drink.Man make fire, woman drink.
  1. How to knot a tie.
  2. How to feign indifference.
  3. HTML.
  4. When to keep my mouth shut.
  5. Exactly how the carbon cycle works.
  6. Why people are cruel for no apparent reason.
  7. How to control my temper.
  8. Why absurdist humour makes me laugh so much.
  9. More patience.
  10. How to make a fire.
  11. How to change a tyre.
  12. Why everyone likes Idols so much.
  13. Why people like reality TV. If anything, the world needs less reality!
  14. How a balance sheet works.
  15. How to get rid of mosquitoes without turning on the light.
  16. Why I turn into an excited 6-year-old every time I see a puppy.
  17. How my parents managed to do it all.
  18. Who stole my tog bag in Std. 3.
  19. Why people have personalised licence plates.
  20. What Mullholland Drive was about.
  21. Why I love David Lynch films.
  22. Who at Rhodes allocated my future husband as my tutor.
  23. Why my lucky number is 8.
  24. Where my obsession with glass jars and bottles comes from.
  25. Why most women have body issues.
  26. Not to argue with my father (or as he calls it, “have a debate”).
  27. What I was in a past life. Really hope it was a pterodactyl.
  28. What I want to be when I grow up.
    Taking pride in your work.Taking pride in your work shouldn’t extend this far.

    28 Things I’ve Learnt in 28 Years

    Am & Al

    1. Love is more important than a car, a job, a house or even a MacBook.
    2. I’m right about people 99% of the time. The other 1% just cause pain.
    3. I’m neurotic about the little things, calm about the big things.
    4. I love advertising, but I don’t consider it my calling.
    5. As long as my job involves writing and imagining, I’m happy.
    6. Be kind and give people a second chance, even if they don’t deserve it.
    7. Nothing is unforgivable if you love someone enough.
    8. Tolerance is the only way human beings will survive.
    9. Harm none, do what you will.
    10. Karma. What you put out into the world eventually comes back to you.
    11. Animals can be trained, humans can’t.
    12. Stalkers come in all shapes, sizes and levels of insanity.
    13. Organised religion is the antithesis of spirituality.
    14. I’d rather be a sensuous woman than a gamine girl.
    15. I quite like gamine girls.
    16. If everyone understood how jaw-droppingly spectacular evolution is, they wouldn’t believe stories about zombies.
    17. I’m over-protective of the people I love.
    18. You can’t protect the people you love.
    19. It’s good to dance until dawn sometimes.
    20. Great books are like friendships. Great films are like one-night-stands.
    21. When life gets too much, go surfing.
    22. Few things feel better than laughing hysterically with your best friend.
    23. Politics is beautiful in theory, ugly in practice.
    24. School teaches you to memorise. University teaches you to think.
    25. You don’t know what’s really important until someone you love dies.
    26. I have bizarrely eclectic taste in music, from Johnny Cash to Fatboy Slim.
    27. I sneeze when I go into the sun. It’s called the Photic Sneeeze Reflex.
    28. It’s good to be curious about everything, even if it gets you into trouble.