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Gmail security issue reveals I share my name with a female bodybuilder

This is kind of worrying. My email address is amanda.name@gmail.com, but I’ve received an email for amandaname@gmail.com (no dot). And this is the second time it’s happened.

On the other hand, it’s interesting to know that I share my name with an attractive female bodybuilder.

Apology from kulula

Last week I wrote about our rather traumatic journey to the city of gold, thanks to kulula (once again) delaying then cancelling our flight. A few days later I received an apology from the airline and a discount on our next flights.

Whilst I appreciate the effort and will probably use the discount (I need a surf every six weeks or I’ll go crazy), they failed to answer the bigger questions of why these “technical problems” happen so often. This is not an isolated incident and it’s worrying enough that I’ll avoid flying kulula where possible.

Anyway, Boo seems to have recovered very well and is loving life in Joburg. She’s never experienced carpeted rooms or underfloor heating before. It’s rather amusing to watch her roll around on it.

No flying, only petting.