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Offensive Album Covers

A while ago I needed old and worthless LPs as décor for a party. I went searching in the Catholic Welfare & Development (CWD) second-hand bookstore and came across these three gems.

I drilled holes in the LPs and nearly threw the covers away, but a sick fascination stopped me. I don’t know what’s worse – that somebody actually bought these or that they had enough skaam to give them to charity.

Unfortunately Dr. Livingstone’s wife made the mistake of singing for the locals.

Everyone was amazed at Nigel’s ability to play “Danny Boy” through a reed.

The Aryan Brotherhood were hairdressers before they infiltrated the music industry.

Jokes aside, I’m relieved we don’t live in the ‘50s anymore. Although I’m not sure what vexes me most – the blatant racism, the poor styling or the soft-focus lighting.