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Things that made me smile this week

What's wrong with you people?

  • My cat covering her eyes with her paws when I opened the blinds.
  • Long skype chats with faraway people.
  • Being maid-of-honour at Leanne’s wedding – a beautiful friend and bride (with a wicked sense of humour).

Leanne getting married.

  • The bride’s mother dancing to “Sexy Chick”.
  • My parents dancing to “Sexy Chick”.
  • How hot my husband looked in his Paul Smith shirt.
  • How big my boobs looked in my maid-of-honour dress.

Tits and Paul Smith.

  • Reading a 300-page book in under four hours.
  • Johnnie Walker Black on BA flights.
  • A friend who hasn’t been to the cinema in five years going to see Alice in Wonderland and SMSing me afterwards: “Extraordinarily poor movie. I’ll wait another five years.”
  • Mommy stopping by my office with a “because you’re my daughter and you’re broke” present.
  • My friend Francois sending me a picture of himself in hospital scrubs – he and his wife are having their first baby today!