Southern Comfort on a Monday

1 min read

At the top of my list is New York, The Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Yellowstone and New Orleans. The last one I had to fight for. Alistair said it’s “smelly”. He said the same thing about Venice. I don’t really care – it’s the birthplace of jazz and that’s enough for me.

Experience, Food

I still dream of Mozambique – Part 1: Maputo, prawns and Pina Coladas

2 mins read

Two weeks after moving to the cold, lip-cracking dryness of a Joburg winter, I was lucky enough to go on a road trip to Mozambique, taking in Maputo for one night and Milibangala for three.

Chris, Hannah, Aaron and I set out at 5:30am and made it to Maputo quite easily, except for the confusing border post. We were assisted by a “guide” with where to go, what to sign, etc. It introduced us to something we’d encounter frequently in Mozambique – lots of friendly locals asking you for money.

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The Kulula Ordeal

6 mins read

After Alistair and I tweeted about our horrific Kulula experience on Saturday, Kulula asked me to email them. Below is the email I sent detailing the nightmare of cancelled flights, airport sprints and complete lack of care shown towards fur children.

Basically I’ve asked them to sort their shit out. I used to be a fan, but until they fix their planes I’m regretfully going to be supporting the de facto parastatal that is SAA.