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Joburg vs Cape Town

In winter, I think Jozi wins. The shopping is better and you can have a picnic in May.


  • Customer service is always brilliant. No uber-cool, hand-on-hip sighing when you ask for black pepper.
  • The air is painfully lip-cracking, nose-bleeding dry in winter. On the upside, the sun shines all day.
  • The massive weight of traffic has created two black holes called Boksburg and Kempton Park.
  • The 3-series BMW is considered an entry-level vehicle.

Cape Town

  • Five confectionery salespeople lolling behind the counter, oblivious to your desperate need for Smarties and popcorn before you miss Star Trek.
  • The howling rain moves horizontally and mocks your feeble umbrella, turning it into an objet d’art.
  • Even though it pours down every year, Capetonians always forget how to drive at the first sign of precipitation. Chaos and fender-benders ensue.
  • The 1987 Ford Datsun is considered an entry-level vehicle.