Apart from Marie Claire, yours is pretty much the only magazine I read. Christopher Hitchens is brilliant and curmudgeonly. The photography is gorgeous and the features are usually fantastic (Lindsay Lohan excluded). But after four years of reading you, I’ve noticed a few annoying stories that I’d prefer not to see in Vanity Fair’s hallowed pages ever again.

  • Marilyn Monroe – At least once a year there’s a “Marilyn’s secret love affair!” or “Marilyn’s secret diaries!” or “What really happened to Marilyn’s extra toe!” She was an icon, we get it. Move on already.
  • Rupert Murdoch – I know publishing types are fascinated by him. He’s the old billionaire they love to hate. “What’s he doing now? Who’s he fighting with? Will he ever get the New York Times? What’s he doing now? Who’s he fighting with? Will he ever get the New York Times?” Seriously guys, it’s tiresome now. There are far more interesting moguls, write about them for a change.
  • Heiress succumbing to a cult / wealthy old lady being exploited by her butler, laywer, son, etc. – This is basically a gossipy People magazine story for the rich, masquerading as something worthy of in-depth analysis. It’s not.
  • Hideous building in New York / beautiful building in New York – I adore architecture as much as the next yuppie, but guess what? It exists outside of NYC too.

I’ve stopped looking forward to every issue they way I used to. So come on Vanity Fair. Get a few new voices and make me fall in love with you again.

Yours sincerely,

Amanda Sevasti

Less of this...
More of this.

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  1. Thoroughly agree. I hear rumour that Justin Bieber is to feature on the March cover – if that happens I’m cancelling my subscription, my RSS feeds, my email subs, my Twitter feed and unfriending Graydon Carter on FB! As for Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan cover stories….

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