Like most white girls from the suburbs, I love animals. I even volunteered at the SPCA for a year. I grew up with a golden retriever named Prince – The Dog That Ate Vaseline Intensive Care Cream – who brought hours of joy and laughter to my family.

And now the husband and I have Boo, a black cat with white socks and velveteen fur. We didn’t choose her, she just moved in one day and never left.

She has a million different names bestowed upon her, mostly by Alistair – Fatness, Konvunt, Ikran (yes, after the creature in Avatar), Boo Velvet, etc. I have tried to put her on a bit of a diet, but Alistair flouts this all the time. She kept getting very ill until we put her on Hill’s Science Prescription food. She likes to drink out of the water glass beside my bed. She is possibly the most adored animal in the country. Well, one of them.

And that brings me to a blog feature for people who love their pets so much that they also think their quirky behaviour is a sign of genius – Pet Project Thursday.

Every Thursday I’ll profile a different dog, cat, horse, rabbit, bird, etc. that has turned a rational human being into someone with scratched furniture, a garden of landmines and a hair-covered bed. Email me ( a picture or two of your most adored animal and the info set out below. If you have more than one creature, feel free to send more profiles.

If the humans were smaller, I'd eat them.

Name(s): Boo, Ikran, Konvunt
Species / breed / description: Cat, Burmese X, black with white chest and paws
Odd behaviour: Drinking from the human’s water glass, opening cupboards while the humans sleep
Signs of intelligence: Sitting on the human’s suitcase to stop them going away
Mental block: Cannot open the cat flap
Toy or object of choice: String and a cardboard beer box
Favourite pastimes: Sleeping, eating, staring into space, kneading the humans

Mini Bio: My first family emigrated and left me with a decent human who travelled a lot. We moved into an adequate apartment block but the flat next door had infinitely preferable lodgings. After much scratching and crying at the windows, the humans there let me move in. It’s comfortable, clean and the food is of a high standard. I am rather fond of them both, although the male makes odd noises sometimes.

3 thoughts on “Pet Project Thursday – Boo

  1. I’ve had loads of cats when I was younger, my favourite was Rascal – black with white paws and chest. He was the most intelligent cat we’ve had and one day he just disappeared 🙁 I cried. I still wonder what could have happened – did someone steal him, did he die but he was too intelligent to get hit by a car – that’s what I tell myself.

    I love Pet Project Thursday already! You will definitely be getting a submission for Qwerty 🙂

  2. cant have cats – bf is allergic. and now he’s making me get rid of my two nutsy dogs. siiiigh.

    i think i will get one of those inside-out cats. then he can’t complain about being allergic, because it has no hair. only, how does it keep warm in jozi’s freezing-ass winters?

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