The husband and I have been planning our 3-month Great America Trip for years now. It was supposed to happen this year (now in fact), but then he got offered a can’t-miss-it opportunity in Joburg, which is also an adventure of sorts.

Consequently America has been put off until 2011. We’ve already planned the itinerary though. At the top of my list is New York, The Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Yellowstone and New Orleans. The last one I had to fight for. Alistair said it’s “smelly”. He said the same thing about Venice. I don’t really care – it’s the birthplace of jazz and that’s enough for me.

I often research the places we’ll visit, dreaming of the day we finally make it there, so this wonderful gift I got from Southern Comfort should tide me over for a while.

A New Orleans travel guide, music, a beautiful moleskin (you can never have to many moleskins), and a bottle of soul. Best served with a dash of lime and soda in my opinion.

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