Mannequins in a glass box?

I’ve spotted this glass box on my way to work every morning this week. It’s on William Nicol going north, just before the Pick ‘n Pay. I thought I was losing my mind. There were three people inside it this morning, but when I went to take photos later in the day there was just this one lonely mannequin.

So were there two real people this morning or are they all mannequins? Who is doing this and why? I’ve heard a rumour it’s a Cadbury stunt, but can’t quite figure out the Chinese temple vibe. Then again, when does Cadbury’s wonderfully insane advertising ever make sense?

2 thoughts on “Mannequins in a glass box?”

  1. jason says:

    let us know !!

  2. Eliza Roza says:

    If it is Cadburys it makes sense. Nestle is just down the road – a little bit of competition perhaps? I did see a Cadburys advert the other night involving dancing monks in a temple, so maybe they are linked after all(it was during Survivor on M-Net).

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