Pet Project Thursday – Wiley & Khomo

Introducing Wiley & Khomo, much-loved beasts of Sam & Jacques Barnard.

Introducing Wiley & Khomo, much-loved beasts of Sam & Jacques.


Name(s): Wiley (big brother) & Khomo (little sister)

Species / breed / description: Wiley – Terrier/Ridgeback/Maltese. Khomo – Coberman (half Collie, half Doberman).

Odd behavior: I like to sleep in the cupboard while Khomo loves to jump on my owners’ heads in the morning.

Signs of intelligence: I dislike my one owner’s sister so much that when she stays over I leave a “present” on her pillow. I’m also very proud of Khomo as she’s learning to speak – she is almost able to say ‘Foooood”. This should be useful.

Mental block: Digging, fleas

Toy or object of choice: I’m not really into toys, but Khomo and I are both very fond of chewing beanbags. I also love to catch bugs.

Favorite pastimes: Sleeping (on the couch or bed), eating, going for walks and digging up plants.

Mini Bio:
My first family were not very nice to me so I ran away. I ended up on a beach near Mitchell’s Plain and stayed there for a few weeks. A nice security guard felt sorry for me and fed me bread. Then someone else saw me and phoned D.A.R.G. I stayed at D.A.R.G for about a month until one day my new humans came and took me home. A few months later they decided to get another dog (I’m not sure why). They contacted P.E.T.S and brought home a sister for me. She was from Joe Slovo where she was found in the bush with her mom and 10 siblings. Khomo started off a reasonable size and was quite easy to boss around. She is now gigantic and no longer listens to me.