I find the best way to execute on innovation is to start with an open dialogue.

Please feel free to leave name, contact details and a comment on how best you believe I can help you.

Thanks so much.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Connect

  1. Thanks Amanda for the help with the papers for Sentinel Primary. Much appreciated. Got a full two boxes. Your commentary on the Indaba appeared as I searched Twitter for Marth Stewart! Nice. Thanks again.


  2. Really, really delighted to read an intelligent response to the Neutral group. I can’t actually believe that anyone can be that naive.

  3. Please enroll me as an e-mail recipient if you have that service. Thanks, Bruce K., San Jose ( Silicon Valley) California. Your U. S. Trip looks terrific!

  4. Hi Amanda
    I want to order from Next clothing in the UK. Will I definitely pay import tax? And is there an amount I can buy for so that I don’t have to pay import tax?

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