My first thought as the truck came hurtling towards me was “I’m going to die.” As metal screeched and the windshield cracked, I closed my eyes and then… Nothing. The truck had stopped, smoke hissing.

Luckily it clipped two cars, removed a traffic light and knocked over a street pole before landing on my Yaris. That’s when I finally moved, terrified the roof was going to collapse and trap me under the truck. I undid my seatbelt and climbed over the passenger seat as fast as I could.

I smelled the sweet slickness of oil running down the road. My legs wobbled and fell out from under me. A stranger helped me up.

I might start pole dancing.

It’s very unsettling to realise you’re alive when you were about to become another statistic. I feel like someone was watching over me. I’m also grateful for street poles and amazing Toyota manufacturing. Watching my wonderful little Yaris being towed away made my heart hurt – I’ll probably never see her again.

My poor Yaris. It saved me.

Impact-wise, my back’s a little stiff from tensing in shock and my stomach hurts from nerves, but otherwise I’m miraculously well; unlike the worker in the back of the truck who was bleeding and carried off on a stretcher.

I’m pretty sure the truck’s brakes failed. It was a dilapidated piece of crap that shouldn’t have been on the road.

Not hiring Randpave, ever.

Life is fragile. I never understood that until now. You can be innocently waiting at a red light and a one-tonner will come plowing across the intersection, over the traffic island and straight into you. Which is why I’m now eating a slab of Dairy Milk chocolate in bed.

23 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m alive

  1. Wow, again! By the way, just saying… but that is way more than a one-tonner, which would be like a HiLux bakkie. That monster that you were miraculously saved from by the lamp post.. is more like a FIVE=tonner.
    Enjoy life more ebulliently from now on, cause you, too, have been given a second chance.

  2. Amanda, I’m speechless after seeing those photos. So glad you made it out ok, my friend. Having a whiskey on your behalf. Ant says, “Come back to Cape Town.”

  3. I know I’m a little late on this but I am glad you are ok!

    Also on a side note: My parents taught us that if we survive something horrific we should give back in thanks. A little charity or a lot, anything even just a loaf bread and a liter of milk to someone on a street corner.

    Just thought I’d share that with you.

    So glad you are ok though.

  4. Wow. Just caught up with this now. My nerves are shattered reading it, I can’t imagine what it must have been like for you. Glad you’re ok!

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