So I took a giant leap forward into the cyber-wilderness and have moved to WordPress. And although The Copydeck will continue to exist on, I’ve changed over to my given name of Amanda Sevasti.

Since I get asked about it a lot, here’s the etymology: Sevasti means “respected” or “revered” (okay, you can stop laughing now) and is the name of a Greek saint, Sevastianis. Every day of the year is named after a saint in the Greek Orthodox church (and you thought the Catholics were something).

Sevasti was my great-grandmother’s name. Her and my great-grandfather, Nikolaides, moved to what was then Rhodesia in the 1930s. They were from a very tiny Ionian island off the west coast of Greece called Ithaki (Ithaca).

Seriously, imagine getting on a boat to southern Africa with nothing but a few hundred drachma in your pocket, not being able to speak a word of English and not having a clue what to expect.

No wonder the name means “respect”.


4 thoughts on “Sevasti, that’s SEH-VAS-TEE

  1. First comment! 😛

    Yay, looking forward to reading more of your blogs and being able to comment too!

    Respect indeed, can’t actually imagine it. Also, we were wondering if the Greeks have only 365 (366?) saints or if they have more… well, what about them?

  2. Thanks Nick and congrats on getting the first comment. It’s still a work in progress with lots to come as I slowly learn all this WP stuff. There are far more saints than 365, so I think some saints have to share a day. Tough break. Sevastianis nabbed 7 June though.

  3. Thanks Samwise. And thank you for the party on Saturday. I had a lovely time and I’m glad we got to chat. You certainly don’t look 36, especially not with a hickey. x

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