I got to drive a half-a-million rand car on Friday. Of course, I didn’t know how much it cost before I hit the 200km/h mark.

The gasps of surprise (and perhaps fear) from the male passengers was most enjoyable, especially since one of the guys had taken it for a spin before me – an experience so stomach-churning that I had to close my eyes.

What elicited such a heady response? The Audi A5 3.0 Diesel Sportback. As Cape Town Girl said, “It’s the iPhone of cars.”

New love of my life (photo by Joe Botha)

I got to drive this baby thanks to Chris Rawlinson, an ardent Audi fan, organising an MVP day out for us advertising and blogging types.

I’ve never really got the whole car thing. I’ve never understood why some men weep at the thought of driving a Maserati. And now I know why – I’ve never driven a car like the Audi A5.

I tend to race around in my nifty Toyota Yaris, pushing the little 1.3-VVTi engine for all it’s worth. But now I know that I am a driver who is made for greater things.

Me, Joe & Therese before my life-changing experience. (photo by Chris Rawlinson)

As the Audi dealer who accompanied us said, “You don’t drive like other women. I mean, they’re a bit too cautious. You’re not afraid to take the corners at speed.”

Only because this car was made for taking corners at speed. And for overtaking. And for cruising. Anyway, you get the picture (see below).

Better than sex? Possibly. (photo by Joe Botha)

Although the Audi A5 – or as I now call it, the Audi Amanda5 – was obviously my favourite, it wasn’t the only one we got to drive. We actually took four Audis out on the road, cruising along the coastal road to Betty’s Bay where we stopped for tea and scones.

Swapping the cars at various checkpoints, everyone got a turn to take a spin in the A5 3.0 Diesel Sportsback, the A5 Petrol 3.2 Sportsback, the sporty little A3, and the four-wheel drive Q5.

Hot pink for the hot Q5 (photo by Joe Botha)

The Q5 was pretty spectacular for an SUV because it actually feels like a car, but my (fast-beating) heart belongs to the A5 Diesel. This irrational lust has already made me nag my mother to take it for a test drive. After all, I drive just like her so she’s bound to fall in love with it too.

Thanks Chris Rawlinson and the awesome guys from the Audi Cape Town dealership for such a superb MVP day out and the delicious post-drive lunch (follow them on twitter). You’ve converted me into “a chick who digs cars”.

Oh yes, my husband has been informed that his next car will be an Audi.

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