Some of us take to the sea like a duck to honey-glaze sauce. Some even profess that “hey, shoo, wow, I’m just so at one with the ocean man”.

Unfortunately this means we feel entitled to do whatever we like without being hindered by other creatures who live there. So what if they have fins, gills and a swim bladder, I can hold my breath for one minute and do breaststroke!

Every time I take my board out into the waves I know I might never touch dry land again, but I don’t let that stop me. Just like I know everytime I get in my car I might get hit by a truck with smooth tyres and dodgy brakes. Life is risky, that’s what makes it interesting.

It’s tragic that a man died in the water, but this overblown and melodramatic response to it is simply moronic. It creates unfounded hysteria and causes Terminator-style attacks on sharks, most of whom are never going to attack anyone. And when they (very very) rarely do, that’s the chance you take.

Remember the ocean belongs to them, not us.

1 thought on “The Jaws of Life

  1. Amen sister.
    (Road deaths/ Road users) vs (Shark attacks / Ocean users)… a no brainer. Respect the ocean and the critters that live there.

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