Dear Nedbank

I remember the early days of our relationship. It was a happy time. But over the years you slowly started to neglect me. You didn’t understand or listen to me. You would offer me credit cards and insurance, but never a better account or advice. I became sad and resentful. When FNB offered me a platinum account and to take care of everything if I moved to them, I jumped at the chance.

Then you called to tell me I was receiving a new garage card because mine had expired. I politely declined and explained I was leaving you. Your response was that I’d still be charged for the garage card unless I went into a branch to cancel it. I pleaded and you finally agreed that you wouldn’t send me the card. I then decided to end things properly, clearing all my funds, and asking you to close my account. Here is what happened up until this morning:



Despite all of this, 20 minutes ago I received a phonecall from you. Like a crazy ex-lover you were offering me things I’ve told you many time I do not want. You were calling me even though I told you two days ago to leave me alone. I think you need professional help Nedbank. I really hope you get it. But to me, now you’re just some bank that I used to know.