Good Housekeeping

Yes, well, judging by the last time I blogged I’m in desperate need of some housekeeping. And after succumbing to flu this past week, I finally have time to write about the fun and relaxed Good Housekeeping launch I attended on Monday morning at the Pick ‘n Pay Food Studio on William Nicol.

Yum in 30 minutes

To be honest, I’m more domestic than I let on. I’ve been gathering recipes since I was 10 and have massive admiration for those women who just seem handy at everything. Good Housekeeping is practical yet elegant, fun yet real. They put us to work cooking some very easy, impressive-looking mango and prawn skewers, and then I had the good fortune to win kitchen gadgets and accessories.

So all in all it was a brilliant start to an otherwise bed-ridden week. I’ve even been inspired to make the husband a home-cooked meal soon (between a new job and Joburg’s social life, it’s been a while). Maybe I’m not such a bad wife after all.