The ABCs of my URLs

Thanks David Alves and Nic Haralambous for this idea. Below is a list of the URLs that come up when I type each letter of the alphabet into my Chrome address bar. Interesting to see the sites that Chrome automatically suggests for each letter.

I obviously have a shopping problem, like my liquor, and work in advertising.

A – Books, books, books.

B – Mandatory reading for local industry news.

C – Thinking about my next car and being horrified at prices.

D – (Vital work tool.)

E – Because I’m always thinking of the next adventure.

F – Comes with the job.

G – My guilty pleasure.

H – Wishing Honda made a smaller CR-V.

I – My favourite gin, locally-made and beautiful. Try it.

J – Not sucking up. My boss just has a rather intelligent blog.

K – NEVER fly kulula, but have to book BA flights through the site to get a Discovery discount.

L – Comes with the job.

M – One of my favourite campaigns for one of my favourite clients.

N – We have a good-looking site that’s regularly updated.

O – Nothing suggested. Still searching for the big O then.

P – Still brilliant and fascinating.

Q – Checking out the competition.

R – Leather bags, locally made. My weakness.

S – I preferred the name “Citymob”, but their delivery times have improved amazingly.

T – Comes with the job. And I enjoy it.

U – Feel-good stuff and social issues.

V – There was a house I really, really liked.

W – Feed me Woolies.

X – Nothing here. No porn sites for me.

Y – NATIVE VML’s internal social network lives on Yammer.

Z – Shoes? Did somebody say shoes?