You know that scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s when Holly Golightly explains how nothing bad could ever happen to you in a place like Tiffany’s? The Roundhouse is my Tiffany’s.

The “quietness and proud look of it” (to steal from Capote) segues into the Shangri-La of dining experiences. A witty waiter and attentive manager made us feel infinitely special yet comfortable. Then there is the food. It feels inadequate to call something that gave such pleasure ‘food’, but ‘cuisine’ sounds too twee.

I opted for the wine pairing, which really is the way it should be done. If the food is the diamond necklace, the wine is the black velvet it rests upon. It also makes for glowing pink cheeks.

Squid ink linguine containing the most delicate prawns I’ve ever tasted, followed by an eland filet that warmed my mouth with buttery gameness, complimented by syrupy enoki mushrooms. The sorbet palate cleanser between each course enhanced all the flavours too. Then there was the chocolate fondant with peanut butter and banana – nirvana.

At The Roundhouse, attention to detail is everything and everything is done perfectly. So it didn’t go unnoticed that it was my birthday.

When we ordered coffee, the ever-generous chef sent us apple-cinnamon donuts, caramelised popcorn, salted chocolate fudge pieces and marshmallow squares that dissolved in my deliriously happy mouth.

I floated home on a cloud of epicurean bliss. I can’t wait until my 29th birthday!

28th Birthday

2 thoughts on ““Welcome to The Roundhouse, Madam”

  1. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for the Great Write up. I did notice your comment on Single Malt Whisky on the “About Us page.”

    You should get in touch with Allister at Under the Influence (info@undertheinfluence.co.za), he sources some really special whiskies for us at the restaurant, mainly whisky you cannot get hold of in SA.

    Once again, thanks for the write up, we hope to have you back at The Roundhouse soon!

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